Why You Are Not Getting Results

I get asked all the time why people are not seeing results, how to get abs or etc. They have tried this or that diet.. they have tried exercising or etc. but nothing seems to work. Why not? My first question to ask them would be. How long did you give these programs a try? 

Not only does choosing the right program for your goals matter, but so does the time and effort we give it. We live in a world where instant results are not just expected, they are demanded. We want internet fast results, we want two day delivery for absolutely everything. No matter how advanced technology is, our bodies will not advance in the same way. Duh. 

If you want to see results. It is going to take some time. You can't just give a diet or workout program a try and expect to see anything change. It takes months, or years depending on your goals. It is a patience game and there is no other way around it. Time is going to pass regardless so you might as well keep moving forward no matter what pace. You are only slowing yourself down if you give up. 

Give yourself room to screw up. Give yourself time to struggle, to complain, to whine, to be stubborn. Do what you need to do but keep going.